Watch: Ceo Moc x Beo Smook x Hbm Deezy “One Take”

If you know anything about the 757 music scene then you know that songs such as Young Crazys “Get Dumb” and Young Money Yawns “Gutta Gutta” have become pretty much anthems of the 757 area. Ceo Moc and Beo Smooks “Im A Dog” has become the newest addition to this collection of anthems. With over 250,000 views on the visual for the song, its safe to say that “Im A Dog” was definitely the breakout song for the duo, and they keep their momentum going with the release of their visual for their song “One Take”.

The song is a more mellow track in comparison to the high energy sounds of “Im A Dog” and features rapper Hbm Deezy. Although the song is not their most popular track, by releasing this track the artists show their ability to be versatile with their sound and show that they are capable of creating music that can be played in the club as well as music to just chill and vibe out to.

Check out Ceo Moc x Beo Smook & Hbm Deezy “One Take” Visual Here!


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