Balcony Boise x Nephew Jay: “My Favorite Family Member” is Spring 2017s Favorite EP.

Spring is finally here and with its arrival Balcony Boise has dropped an EP that is the perfect soundtrack for this season. Composed of rappers Felipe Francois (who is also producer of the EP) and TVTV, Balcony Boise is a duo based out of Norfolk. This pair of emcees who is responsible for singles “Sellin’ Lemonade” and “Motorola Razr” has dropped a 5 track EP entitled “My Favorite Family Member” just in time for spring. The project was done in conjunction with a close friend of Balcony Boise, Nephew Jay, who is also a 757 based emcee.  The EP delivers an interesting sound that combines smooth vocals over bouncy, 808 heavy tracks, producing mellow yet appealing music that is perfect for road trips this spring, getting ready for a night out or even your spring cleaning playlist.

What is most appealing about this project is the fact that it is so relatable.  With so many rappers who promote such a lavish lifestlye in their music, artists who create music that normal people can relate to without coming off as basic and uninteresting are few and far between. On this project, however, Balcony Boise as well as Nephew Jay provide plenty of “balling on a budget” punchlines featuring their signature thrift store adventures, providing listeners with enjoyable music that the average person can relate to.

Balcony Boise and Nephew Jay are warming up our playlists this spring. Check out Balcony Boise x Nephew Jay “My Favorite Family Member” here!


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