Views From The 7: Norfolk’s Soundtrack to the Streets

What makes the 757 music scene so noteworthy is the fact that each artist has their own story and therefore each artist can represent and relate to different groups of people. On his latest project, Grind Hard Bates gives a a great example of this by painting a vivid picture of the rough underside of Norfolk that some would say is under represented.

The seven track project showcases Bates ability to present listeners with a realistic description of exactly what it means to live in Shark City, or as he calls it in the first track of his mix tape, “Norfganistan”. On his track “Silly”, a cover of Schoolboy Q’s “That Part” Bates partners with label mate Jay Fila creating a contrasting effect between the mellow vibe of the popular track and the rappers raw, rugged flow.

Catch Grind Hard Bates, who is otherwise known as “Sushi” because of the “rawness” of his music, performing this Saturday, February 4th at Lido’s in Norfolk. For more information on this performance, to keep up with Grind Hard Bates or to check out his mixtape “Views From the 7”, click the links below.




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