G RIEL Spits Straight Fire in “Latin Heat”

Last year G RIEL brought us his “Sum Slight” visual and proved he was a force to be reckoned with lyrically, now, the artist is back with his “Latin Heat” freestyle and he is showing that he doesn’t plan on letting up any time soon.

The track features witty punchlines and a fiery delivery from the young emcee all over a simple yet entertaining beat that sort of resembles SmokePurpps “Audi”. A really interesting feature about G RIELs execution on this track as well as “Sum Slight” is the fact that he delivers with a very modern sounding flow that the “new wave” rappers use but still delivers the wordplay and lyricism that fans of the more traditional style of hip hop will enjoy.

Favorite Lyrics: “I can show you Coca Cola, I ain’t pouring up no soda.”

Check out “Latin Heat” by G RIEL here!


Khalif Just Wants “Peace” in New Single

On his recent release “Peace”, upcoming artist Khalif gives listeners a look into his mind and tells of his journey to find both inner and outer peace.

The track displays extremely raw emotion and discusses struggles that we all can relate to such as feelings of loneliness and experiencing jealousy and hatred from our peers when trying to achieve a dream. The song has a very dreamy, hazy sound to it which when paired with Khalifs deep, intense vocals gives a very menancing vibe to the song to match the somber message that the song relays. Tae also joins Khalif on this track providing lighter, more cheerful effects to the sinister track.

Check out “Peace” by Khalif here!


Czar Nicholas Did Not Come To Play With Y’all In “He Got Game”

Czar Nicholas has just released his newest project, and he did not come to play with yall.

A lot of unsigned artists are very opinionated in regards to the music scene and in his newest project “He Got Game”, the 22 year old artist takes “opinionated” to a different level. The project is very diverse as far the wide range of styles of music displayed. Nichols kicks the tape of on “Icy”, a hard hitting track that provides listeners an introduction to the artist. On “Don’t Call” we hear some pretty dope sampling of Ushers “U Don’t Have To Call” (a VA favorite due to the Neptunes production.) On “Price” we hear the artist become more sentimental as he speaks on losing a girl who he thought was down for him. It is also on this track that the artist scales back on the rapping and uses distorted vocals for a dreamy effect. The tape even has a twerk song (watch out J Roddy Rod) entitled “Used 2 It” in which he invites girls to “make it shake like you never did before”.

While all of the tracks on the tape have pretty notable features, it is what Nichols does on the final track of the tape, “Game”, that is probably the most attention grabbing stunt of the year. In this track Nichols goes into great detail of what he thinks of the music scene in Virginia. He even goes as far as to speak on Young Crazy and Young Money Yawn, who some would consider VA legends, and tells of his true feelings about them.

Is Czar Nicholas tripping or do you agree with his statements on the state of VA hip hop? Check out “He Got Game” here! https://czarnicholas.lnk.to/HeGotGame

Meda Blaq Shows His Many Sides In “Bruce Wayne”

Meda Blaq is a 24 year old artist from Hampton, Virgina who on his project, Bruce Wayne, gives listeners a deeper look into the multiple aspects of his persona as an artist .

On this project, Blaq shows listeners a different side of himself as an artist throughout the different songs on the project. On “How It Go” and “Get Enough”, the artist displays a brash, hardcore style. However, on “Show Em”, Blaq contrasts the previously displayed hardcore style by becoming more transparent and relatable as he discusses his hardships and struggles he faces On “I Can”, Blaq gives his version of a motivational message and tells of his ambition and determination to succeed become successful by any means necessary. 

A notable feature of this tape is, of course, the beats produced by Virginia favorites Treez Lowkey and Ready Rock James and also how cohesively Blaq blends his different styles and flows on each track. 
Our Favorite Songs – Figures, Got Me

Check Out “Bruce Wayne” by Meda Blaq here!



$inclair Just Doesn’t Want To Sleep “Alone”

Its getting cold outside and $inclair is speaking for many of us in his new single when he says he doesn’t want to sleep alone.

Cuffing season is upon us and $inclair has kicked off the season with a single for all the hopeless romantics out there entitled “Alone”. The dreamy song is produced by Al Fuery and on the track, $inclair combines a melodic hook with catchy bars in which he speaks on an array of topics ranging from heartbreak to the struggles of staying focused as an uprising artist.

On “Alone”, $inclair displays transparency and a lot of raw emotion that listeners are going to appreciate and relate to. In addition to the authentic nature of the track, the gloomy yet comforting beat as well as the catchy hook about not wanting to sleep alone gives us all the feels.

Check out “Alone” by $inclair here!

G RIEL shows “Sum Slight” in New Visual

The end of the year is always an interesting time for music. With a little under two months left in the year, its always interesting to see what tricks artists have up their sleeve to close the year out. Recently, artist G RIEL has shown signs of closing the year out strong with the release of his new visual for his track “Sum Slight” 

On the track the Winchester based artist delivers diverse  flows in an extremely cohesive manner over the intricacies of the beat (produced by Cxdy & Wxlfstealth). From G RIELs brash delivery to his witty (sarcastic, even) punchlines, there is just something about G RIELs presentation on this track that screams “banger”.
Check out the visual (shot and edited by Markeyy Markk) here!

Smiff Gives A Lyrical Testimony in “To Whom It May Concern”

Recently Smiff has released his latest project “To Whom It May Concern”. The project gives a beautiful look into the struggles he has overcome in his life as a man and as an artist and features quality production by producers Darrell Banks, Mr Alexis, Pogue Brothers just to name a few.

The project is sort of a testimony of Smiffs life and tells very detailed stories of things he has been thru, dealt with and overcame. On the first track Smiff tells about where his mindset is currently due to the collective of events he has faced up to this point. On “These Three Words” Smiff gives a deeper look into the things he faced in his past. This track also features a dope, vibrant visual (Check it out at the link at the end of the article).

The project features a pretty dope lineup of features and production from artists Fitit and Rahim Malik and producers Mr Alexis, PDub, BobbyMadeTheBeat, Darrell Banks, Yung Tago & Galaxy, Blu Magic and Pogue Brothers.

With this project, Smiff gives great insight into his struggle and speaks for a lot of people who have dealt and do deal with these same issues. The project features storytelling similar to that of J. Cole that fans of lyricism are sure to enjoy. The vibrant storytelling makes the situations being discussed in the project very relatable and the lessons and message that you can overcome obstacles that are being promoted thru this project are something any listener can benefit from.

Follow Smiff on his IG @wordsmiff and Twitter @Smiff540 and Check out “To Whom It May Concern” here!