DTP is “Back To His Ways” in New Album

DTP has recently released his debut album “Back to My Ways” and in doing so proves that he is a force to be reckoned with.

It’s been a busy summer already for this young emcee who has been booked for back to back performances since the beginning of the year, and with the release of this new project, it seems like things are going to get a whole lot crazier. On “Back To My Ways” listeners can hear tremendous growth from previous projects “Still Chasing My Dreams” and “0387”, both of which were released last year. The project contains bangers such as “Breadman” and “Steppin” where he joins forces with fellow artist TripleCross Spazz (check out the video here). When it comes to features DTP has quite the roster on this project featuring artists such as Skyy Will, OohSmoke, ZeroTheGod, Gk Supreme, RYG Bandrunner and Deuce Bigalow. The beats on the project were composed by BeachBoyy, Randana, Stu Money, Woosah Gz Up, Dq Beats, itsKado, Classicmarq B and YogiBeats.

Check out DTPs “Back To My Ways” and follow him on social media. Also catch him performing at “OFF THE WALL 3” presented by BLACKHEARTSCLUB on June 21 at Charlie’s American Cafe in Norfolk, Virginia!


Instagram: @_thereal_dtp


When it comes to versatility, ingenuity and originality, OohSmoke is a young artist from Portsmouth who is breaking barriers. This week we got the chance to hear from the artist as he shares with us more on his musical journey, his background and his aspirations as an artist.

Question: Where are you from?


Answer: Portsmouth, Virginia


 Q: When and How did you discover that you had a passion for music?


A: I discovered my passion for music shortly after graduating high school in 2016, I knew it was always in me because my pops was crazy with the shit. I started out playfully making songs & posting them to SoundCloud from my cellphone & though I was clearly joking around, my friends thought that I should take it serious and make real songs, which I did. I was making good records & ever since then I haven’t looked back since!


 Q: Who do you consider to be your biggest influences?


A: My biggest influences would be my Dad who’s worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. Also, Kid Cudi. I’m a huge fan of Kid Cudi. I pray to have an impact on kids’ lives as he did on mine. Young Thug is another big influence. Lastly, Michael Jackson the GREATEST TO EVER DO IT!

Q: What has been the hardest thing for you to overcome as a creative?


A: Writers block would have been one of the toughest things to overcome as a creative & also the balancing of real-life situations while still maintaining the hunger & drive of being an artist & still putting out good quality records (which isn’t that hard for me)

Q: What do you think is your biggest accomplishment thus far? 


A: My biggest accomplishment would have to had been getting the co-sign from Teddy Riley whose a legend in the game and has also worked and produced some of my idols (Michael Jackson) biggest hits, I guess it’s more like an personal accomplishment.

 Q: What upcoming projects do you have in store for this year?


A: I won’t go into detail about the projects that I have upcoming this year but I can say that I have 2-3 projects coming in 2019!


 Q: How do you feel about the underground scene? Do you feel as if it is too oversaturated and unoriginal?


A: The underground scene is cool I guess! The shit is definitely too unoriginal though! Too many egos not enough love.  The shit is full of talent though. I’m def one whose trying to go mainstream, I’m trying crossover and do all type of shit in the game.


 Q: What qualities about yourself do you feel separates you from other artists?


A: My voice within itself. I have a very distinctive voice a voice that can’t be multiplied nor duplicated. My mindset is another thing that sets me apart. I think very different from others! I’m not afraid to step out the box and try new shit. One day I can give u trap vibe & the next I could be on some dancehall shit. There are really no limits to my creativity and I’m very open minded! But more than anything I am MYSELF I never try to copy or imitate any other artist. I rarely listen to any other artist besides me and my niggas shit. That way I know any ideas generated came from smoke and only smoke. Don’t get me wrong though, I do listen all genres of music to learn from, etc.

Q: What was your biggest failure as an artist and how did you overcome it?


A: Honestly I can’t remember any big failure for me just yet, but I am prepared for it because it happens to the best of us.


 Q: What advice do you have to upcoming artists who want to make a name for themselves?


A: My advice to any upcoming artist trying to prove himself would be for him or her to be themselves, remain genuine, trust the process and know that no one human can put limitations on you or what you want to do. Don’t be afraid to be different and try new things. Know the difference in those who really fuck with you or those who are trying to benefit from you. Travel and expand your music beyond your current living state. Believe in yourself and know your worth! Study the game and study the industry. Lastly, remain humble always!

Check out Oohsmoke on his musical platforms as well as follow him on social media. Also, be sure to check out his performance at our third anniversary showcase OFF THE WALL 3 June 21 at Charlie’s American Cafe in Norfolk, Va!

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/oohsmoke/1239973724

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/oohsmoke

Twitter: @oohsmoke

IG: @oohsmoke456

Pape drops New Visual for “9PM Out The Red”

Pape aka “HotBoyPape” is an artist who is well on his way to becoming one of the bigger names to come out of the 757. The artist who has given us notable tracks such as “3 Kings” and “Biddag” has dropped a new visual for his track “9PM Out The Red”. The visual, shot by @Vidlord, is fairly simple and features several shots of Pape as well as others vibing to the track in their neighborhood which is nicknamed “the red” . “The title of the song is 9pm Out The Red so I wanted to show 9Pm out the red.”, the artist stated when asked about the concept of the video. As far as upcoming releases from Pape, the artist has a project entitled “Sorry For The Pape” that is highly anticipated. When asked about when fans can expect the release of the project, however, Pape shared that he isn’t sure when the project will come out and that he is currently just focusing on visuals.

Check out the visual for “9 PM Out the Red” here and see him perform live at Off The Wall 3 June 21 at Charlies American Café in Norfolk for the 3rd anniversary celebration of Black Hearts Club!


D Pow aka 1 Pump is a Hero Reborn in new album “Scott Summers”

After a long period of dormancy, D-Pow/1 Pump is back and is kicking off the summer strong with the release of his highly anticipated album “Scott Summers”. The album is produced in its entirety by @ProdBySora and what the 5 song project lacks in length it makes up for in ingenuity, charisma and diversity. When asked what he wishes to convey to listeners with the release of this album, the artist, who is no stranger to controversy (check out our interview with  pump here) stated, “I wanted them to realize that these shades are the image, but I can still spit. Regardless of how I look or present myself, every body can and will f*ck with me! Hood n*ggas, real n*ggas, nerd n*ggas, whites, blacks, Asians, all of that! I appeal to every crowd and I’m not a game. This was to everyone who ever overlooked me for whatever reason they chose!” In addition to releasing the album, 1 Pump has also released a visual for the 4th track on the album “Cummin” (watch here)

Check out “Scott Summers” here and see him perform live at Off The Wall 3 June 21 at Charlies American Café in Norfolk for the 3rd anniversary celebration of Black Hearts Club!



“The Inspiration Behind This Song Was Great Sex”: GeeLit Opens Up On New Single “Come Thru”

GeeLit (@thereal.geelit on IG) is the dopest (and only) female member of the GODS Music Group collective and with her lusty new single “Come Thru” she provides listeners with the perfect sounds to totally vibe out to.

The track, produced by THAIBEATS (@thaibeatsnet on IG), presents smoothly auto tuned vocals from GeeLit as well as a feature from Va Beach artist AUD (@therealaud on IG). When asked about the inspiration behind the track, Gee states “My songs are always about someone or an experience I had with someone. The inspiration behind this song was some great sex I had. I want that shit again . So I made this song for that person & they like it. I just want ppl to be able to relate to my music & use it to help them express themselves.”

Gee also shared that a visual for the track is in the works and will be released soon. Check out “Come Thru” here!


GRXZZLY Keeps It Real in “Ghee’d Up” Visual

From his recent project “THG”, DMV artist GRXZZLY has just released a visual for his song “Ghee’d Up”; a song all about keeping it real and staying true to yourself, something GRXZZLY is no stranger to.

With this release, GRXZZLY gives the same hard hitting energy that we received earlier last heat in the “GoldMxnd Freestyle” visual and definitely stays true to his lyricist ways. In addition to strong lyricism, GRXZZLY keeps things interesting on the track by using a plethora of flows and styles all while staying true to his original sound. When GRXZZLY gets on a beat you can tell that he really has fun with it and challenges himself to see what he can do on the track, something that definitely keeps listeners coming back for more. His new album “THG” is available on all major streaming platforms.

Check out the “Ghee’d Up” visual here!

DJ Sweendawg and Mark Carson Deliver Mosh Pits and Mingling With The “Electric Maid Art Show”

As we passed the Electric Maid while we cruised the streets of D.C., we noticed the venues quaint size and comforting vibe. The place was obscure, yet inviting. Art from the SeshCollective (@seshcollectiv) and Dieglo (@dearestdieglo) decorated the walls and the stage as DJ Sweendawg (@djsweendawg) spinned a mix of music from an array of underground artists. The venue (which was empty 30 minutes ago) was now jam packed with performers, artists and underground culture enthusiasts who, just like us, had come to check out and support the talent.

As the event began, the energy was very high. Mark Carson (@itsmarkcarson), the host of the event (who donned a pair of dark shades the entire evening) readily greeted attendees as they entered the venue. Participants were extremely rowdy yet extraordinarily involved and interested in each performer who took the stage that night. Performers included Lil Xelly (@lilxelly), Texaco (@therealtexako), RewindRaps (@rewindraps) and Charlie Monroe (@itscharliemonroe) amongst others. As far as the 757 being represented, there was certainly no shortage of VA artists in the building. Shini Gang, AJ? (@ajquestionmark), ZaeK (@zaekta) and Bittersweet (@bitteraintshit) really set the tone as far as performances goes. The VA artists had the audience engaged 100% and gave some of the most high energy sets of the night.

All in all, the event was very successful. The show was a hub for DMV creatives where everyone who attended was able to see some dope art, experience engaging performances and network with other like minded creatives, making for an amazingly fulfilling and inspiring evening.