Khalif Is Sending A Warning In “Duck Season”

Khalif is back with a vengeance in his new song “Duck Season” and he’s back with a message for all his enemies.

On the track he joins forces with MikeyLowTheWeirdo and Jhè in a collaboration that really made for a great delivery on the track. The three trade off verses in which they all showcase their flows that differ yet still compliment each other. Paired with the extremely catchy hook, the song is sending a message to any opposition that they better either get out of the way or get low. Ouch.

Check out “Duck Season” by Khalif here!

Khalif Tells Of His Addictive Love Affair in “Mary”

Khalif, who was looking for “Peace” last time we heard from him seems to have found it in his new relationship with “Mary”. She’s almost the perfect match for him; she helps him deal with his problems, relieves stress and is always around when he needs her. The artist tells of his addictive love affair with this woman in his new single.


The song features some incredible story telling as well as analogies and compares the artists struggle with substance abuse with a complicated relationship. He discusses how his habits have taken a toll on different aspects of his life such as his family relationships and even his mental health and even though he knows that his habits have become almost detrimental, he feels as though during his darkest times, his habit is the only thing that can help him cope. The song can also be interpreted as a story of an abusive relationship in which the artist is involved with someone who is very problematic for him but for some reason he’s in too deep and too emotionally involved to let go.


No matter what way you interpret the song, “Mary” speaks on some pretty deep issues that many can relate to but few speak on in an artistic and thought provoking manner. Check it out here!

OMO YungKing Makes Us Feel His “Pain” With New Album Release

On his newest project “Pain” OMO YungKing totally gets in his feelings and takes listeners on an emotional roller coaster throughout the entire tape. The tapes vibe sounds something like if Waka Flocka and Lil Xan joined forces, resulting in a sound that is melodic, emotional but still raw and carries that “from the streets” energy.

 On the tape, YugKing doesn’t hold back any emotion. The very first track “Kirko Bang” sets the tone for the project and pays homage to the great Kurt Cobain. In this song YungKing croons about being misunderstood and how the world really cant feel his pain. On “Falling” the artist tells about how he is completely head over heels infatuated with a girl and is just ready to be loved, something we have all felt at one point or another but then he contrast that energy with “So Sorry”, a ballad in which he apologizes after being a fuckboy to his girl (typical). On “So Sorry” YungKing also gives a nod to Kodak Blacks “Roll in Peace” with the songs opening lines. The tape takes a more positive turn on “Goals” where the artist sings about a Bonnie and Clyde type relationship with his girl (the same one he was just apologizing for cheating on maybe?) that includes love, loyalty and lots of flexing together.

 The project features several beats by BeachBoyy and includes features from Creek Da Don, ZeroTheGod, Omojjx2 and 264jas.


Check out the project here!


Saturday 9/28 BLACKHEARTSCLUB and BLINK DMV are collaborating to bring you “Goonwick Comeback” featuring Goonew Black Fortune Kooley Karter DTP and more.

This is Goonews first performance since being released from the hospital earlier this summer and we are also extremely excited to announce that a new collection of art will be displayed by Gnarly CJ at the show as well. If you are interested in performing or vending at this event please contact for details.

This event will be located in Washington DC. Tickets are available at the link below! Can’t wait to see everyone at the show!

Meda Blaq Speaks From Multiple Perspectives In “Trilingual”

Although summer is coming to an end, there is still enough time for artists to release music that are perfect for this seasons playlist. In his newest project “Trilingual” Meda Blaq takes an interesting approach as he utilizes different styles, sounds and subjects, showing listeners a different side of himself as an artist, all while creating that fun, energetic sound that’s suitable for summer.

With only 5 tracks, the project is pretty short in length, but what it lacks in length it absolutely makes up for in content. On the project Blaq displays a wide range of styles, ranging from hard hitting emcee (Shaft) to singer, using heavily distorted vocals (Pussy House). The artist also tackles a wide range of subject matter on the project meaning there is literally something on this project for everyone. Songs like “Shaft” and “No Whales” will be appreciated by listeners who appreciate wordplay and a decent flow. On “Faster” Blaq delivers a sound that is more suitable for a party vibe and on “Pussy House” Blaq talks to the ladies.

When asked why he chose to name the project “Trilingual” the artist shares, “I chose “Trilingual” because I feel like my versatility allows me to create different music depending on my emotions . This allows me to reach listeners in a different way, they can feel my shit in a different way it’s not always orthodox. I plan to accomplish being recognized as an artist that can make whatever type of music he wants.” With the many styles and perspectives displayed on the project, it is safe to say that Blaq has accomplished that goal. 

Check out “Trilingual” here!



When it comes to ingenuity, creativity and lyricism, R Locko is a someone who epitomizes these things and embodies the definition of a true artist. This week we got a chance to hear more from him on his inspirations, his influences and his ideas on the underground culture.


Q: Where are you from?

A: I’m from Virginia Beach, VA! Where we skate, create, and most importantly, SHOW LOVE!


Q: When and How did you discover that you had a passion for music?

A: CRAZY STORY! It was game 5 2014 NBA championship Heat vs. Spurs. My uncle and I had a freestyle battle over text during commercial and I guess I bodied my stanzas, because he came to me in person and told me I need to start recording what I’m writing. 3 months later, a week after I turned 16, I created my first song in a studio one of his homies from college owned. I always wrote since about 6th grade, but I never took action and really realized my passion until I released my first track in October of that year. (2014)


Q: . Who do you consider to be your biggest influences?

A: Definitely 3 artists musically, they’ve always influenced me and my life substantially from the physical to the metaphysical. In this order, ASAP ROCKY, TYLER, THE CREATOR, CHILDISH GAMBINO. Live Love ASAP, Bastard, Because the Internet. CLASSICS. Skateboarding really fuels the way in which I create as well, before music I was trying to go pro skateboarding.


Q: What has been the hardest thing for you to overcome as a creative?

A: The feeling of complacency. There are times where Ill create and create and create, and not feel as though I’m evolving in the ways that I should. My brain is like a movie reel with no cut. I’m always getting new ideas for songs, but its the boundaries and limits of those songs that make me feel boxed within my own confines of imagination. I haven’t figured out how to stimulate all the senses with the sound yet.


Q: . What do you think is your biggest accomplishment thus far?

A: Being able to meet the new faces, and just seeing the journey’s folds. You know, new energies, new inspiration, new places and ideals! A lotta people get caught up in the milestones and whatnot but for me, its about the distanced traveled towards those milestones that make me feel sedimented. The failures, the in-betweens, behind the scenes are always cooler than the curtain call.


Q: What upcoming projects do you have in store for this year?

A: I have a project called “T.A.S.T.E.” coming out this summer. Its sort of an idiom on the wave of short-term music coming out since the Soundcloud wave came and went. Whole lotta autotune, pretty much parody on how easy it is to harmonize and create without meaning, LOL. My next project is called, “BODY EVERYTHING 19” an annual installment of LOCK. Straight heat, heavy hitter project. Then I have, “Autotune Blues” coming for the winter. I have ALOT in store this year, execution is key. 


Q: How do you feel about the underground scene? Do you feel as if it is too oversaturated and unoriginal?

A:  VERY UNORIGINAL. Oversaturated? Maybe.. Nowadays, I’m a lot more focused on who actually has something to show and say, than those who have something to gain from this shit. Clout isn’t currency to me, nor is currency consistency. Its so easy to sellout and lose your image and your reality as a human being. To me, an artist is the most human you can be, and how that humanity can be portrayed sonically. The vibe shit coo though, FOR THE PIONEERS THO (that was their original style)


Q: What qualities about yourself do you feel separates you from other artists?

A: My versatility, I can basically do anything with my own twist. I also do it all myself! STUDIO TIME??!?!? I have something to say to. Every song portrays a state of consciousness, within its field of energy. There’s only ONE LION in this jungle. 


Q: What was your biggest failure as an artist and how did you overcome it?

A: My biggest failure as an artist was and still is not believing in myself. It sucks being discouraged from time to time with my talents fighting the battle with real life at the same time. To overcome that, I must physically instill my ability into myself through banging my own shit and rapping to myself. I look at the DMs and love shown over the years from time to time to reassure myself that I’m touching people with what I express. Its sucks when you feel unimpressive, but for all my artists out here; FUCK THAT SHIT. YOU GOT THIS. YOU FEEL IT. SOMEBODY GOTTA FEEL IT TOO.


Q: What advice do you have to upcoming artists who want to make a name for themselves?

A: TAKE. YOUR. TIME. Only work with who YOURE INTERESTED IN. REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED. I’d also say, don’t believe what you see online. Overnight success took at least 7 years.. think about that. LOC FROM DA V YALL. BLACKHEARTSCLUB IS THE BEST PLATFORM FOR YOU; REAL ASPIRING ARTISTS.


Stay connected with R Locko on social media as well as his streaming platforms.




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DTP is “Back To His Ways” in New Album

DTP has recently released his debut album “Back to My Ways” and in doing so proves that he is a force to be reckoned with.

It’s been a busy summer already for this young emcee who has been booked for back to back performances since the beginning of the year, and with the release of this new project, it seems like things are going to get a whole lot crazier. On “Back To My Ways” listeners can hear tremendous growth from previous projects “Still Chasing My Dreams” and “0387”, both of which were released last year. The project contains bangers such as “Breadman” and “Steppin” where he joins forces with fellow artist TripleCross Spazz (check out the video here). When it comes to features DTP has quite the roster on this project featuring artists such as Skyy Will, OohSmoke, ZeroTheGod, Gk Supreme, RYG Bandrunner and Deuce Bigalow. The beats on the project were composed by BeachBoyy, Randana, Stu Money, Woosah Gz Up, Dq Beats, itsKado, Classicmarq B and YogiBeats.

Check out DTPs “Back To My Ways” and follow him on social media. Also catch him performing at “OFF THE WALL 3” presented by BLACKHEARTSCLUB on June 21 at Charlie’s American Cafe in Norfolk, Virginia!

Instagram: @_thereal_dtp